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Fourth Amendment-Search and Seizure
Legal News !

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MCCONNELL v. FED. ELECTION COMM'N, No. 02-1674 (U.S.S.C December 10,2003)
United States Supreme Court Case Summaries 12-10-2003 
Loss of evidence by Police-Not a violation of due process.
ILLINOIS v. GREGORY FISHERNo. 03-374. Decided February 23, 2004-The Opinion
ILLINOIS v. GREGORY FISHERNo. 03-374. Decided February 23, 2004-Case Summary

March 8, 2004
The constitutional requirement is satisfied when the trial court informs the accused of the (1) nature of the charges against him, (2) of his right to be counseled regarding his plea, and (3)of the range of allowable punishments attendant upon the entry of a guilty plea. Pp. 8-15.
 IOWA v. TOVAR, No. 02-1541 (U.S.S.C. March 08, 2004-Summary)
IOWA v. TOVAR, No. 02-1541 (U.S.S.C. March 08, 2004-Opinion)

Assault and Attempted murder charge reversed and remanded.  The State's use of Sylvia's statement violated the Confrontation Clause because, where testimonial statements are at issue, the only indicium of reliability sufficient to satisfy constitutional demands is confrontation. Pp. 5-33.
CRAWFORD v. WASHINGTON, No. 02-9410 (U.S.S.C. March 08, 2004-Summary)
CRAWFORD v. WASHINGTON, No. 02-9410 (U.S.S.C. March 08, 2004-Opinion)

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